8 Shopify Apps That Have Proven To Increase Store Sales

Mario Didier
Founder, East Side Mafia

If you’re thinking of getting into ecommerce, or starting an online business, Shopify is one of the best platforms to get started.


As far as we’re concerned about ecommerce website design in Singapore, Shopify is absolutely the easiest for backend user management and fulfilment of sales, while supporting the major payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, and even Shopify payments.


It’s affordable, easy to setup, offers great themes with easy checkouts and user experiences, and has apps for almost anything that you can think of for an online store.


Contrary to popular belief, Shopify is highly customizable, even with their own proprietary framework, but there are Shopify Experts out there that can do almost anything you can think of in a Shopify store.


In this article we’re going to introduce you to 12 amazing apps that will certainly help in increasing your store revenue.



  • Wheelio


wheelio ecommerce shopify app

Most Ecommerce store owners know the value of building an email list, but as the Ecommerce space gets more crowded, users are more cautious when sharing their email addresses.


Rather than present a boring pop up, Wheelio allows your users to spin a wheel for a discount upon entering their email address in your opt in form.


Due to the “gamification effect”, stores with the Wheelio app have been able to increase their email opt in conversions by up to 643%.


Pro Tip: Try adding a product giveaway on your Wheelio wheel to increase conversions even further.


  1. Sales Pop



What this app does: Displays Social Proof with little pop ups on the bottom of your screen of people who have recently purchased items in the store.


Sometimes, users need a little nudge to make that purchase, and what better way than to show them that someone else has just bought the item they’re looking at?


Serves a sense of urgency, and creates the scarcity factor.


  1. Google Shopping App



Chances are, if you own a Shopify store, you would want your products to appear on Google search, and if you have not heard of Google Shopping ads, here’s a great video by Google explaining what it is.


The problem with Google Shopping is that it’s a real pain to setup and implement, but the Google shopping app makes it a breeze.


All you need to do is integrate Google shopping to your store via the App, and your products are uploaded automatically into Google Merchant Centre.


That’s it, you’re ready to start creating rich, product based ads similar to the ones in the image above!

  1. Sweet Tooth Loyalty Reward Points



In the ultra competitive ecommerce niches, it’s the stores that are able to keep their customers coming back for more that have the winning touch.


This app has a really generous free plan, which allows you to use almost all of the functions of the app.


Your users are able to get rewarded for every little thing they do, here are some examples:


  • Create a store account
  • Get rewarded for every dollar spend
  • Get points for following your store on social media
  • Get points on your birthday!
  • And many more amazing rewards.


If you’re looking for a rewards system to build customer loyalty, this is an amazing way to get started.


  1. Product Reviews by Shopify


Another essential free app, that is almost guaranteed to increase your conversions, is the product review widget app.


If you’re selling internationally, you will be needing tons of social proof for your products, especially if you’re bringing new products to market.


This is really easy to use, just install, modify the settings, and you’ll be able to accept reviews almost immediately.


  1. Recurring Orders & Subscriptions


Anyone who has been running an online store successfully will tell you that email list building and building a sustainable business are two of the most important things (among many others) for being successful in ecommerce.


Why have customers buy once, and forget you, when you can build a subscription service, and gain a loyal customer who buys from you weekly, or monthly?


This is one of our favourite apps in the App store, don’t be worried that not all your products are available for subscription, the app allows you to select which products you want to offer subscriptions for, and the “subscription widget” will only appear on those product pages.


They have a really long free trial of 90 days, so try it till you’re satisfied, and if you don’t like it at the end of 90 days, just uninstall it.


  1. Facebook Integration by Shopify



Imagine being able to sell your store products directly from your Facebook Fan Page.


This is now possible with one of the best integrations developed by the Shopify team. You’re able to upload your entire inventory into your “Facebook Shop”, and sell products directly on Shopify.


Minimal setup is required, and your products are synced seamlessly into your Facebook page.


If you’re an aspiring Shopify + Facebook internet marketer, this is an absolute necessity in your ecommerce toolbox.


  1. Oberlo Dropshipping Integration App



This is for all you aspiring dropshippers out there.


Lately, there has been an exodus of internet marketers from all forms of online marketing into the Shopify + Facebook + Aliexpress business model.


For those of you who don’t know what this is, it’s basically creating a Shopify store with no inventory, selecting great products from China, and selling them in your store, without keeping any stock.


The Oberlo app simplifies all the above processes, and you can even use it to fulfill your orders.


You’re able to source suppliers, import products from Aliexpress into your store, edit the prices, keep track of your profit margins, and the user interface is really clean and friendly.


Best of all, it’s Free.




Ecommerce is taking the internet by storm, and Shopify is one of the major players at the centre of the ecommerce space right now.


Their easy to use backend, along with a bustling ecosystem of themes and apps cater to online stores of all sizes and industries, from Tesla Motors to retired teachers selling artisanal handmade soap from the comforts of their own home.


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