An Introduction To Increasing Website Credibility And Trust

Mario Didier
Founder, East Side Mafia

We discuss the most effective strategies to increase your website’s credibility and trust when user’s visit your website.

What happens when your website visitors don’t trust you?

It’s very common for visitors to NOT proceed with you because they aren’t convinced that you’re the best fit for them, and they don’t exactly believe what you’re telling them.

This is mainly because you’re not using sufficient trust signals.

What exactly are trust signals? And how do you implement them on your website?

There are tons of ways to add trust to your site or landing page, and to build credibility with your users.

This is highly dependant on your business, as the various trust signals vary in effectiveness from business to business.

So before you get on the phone with your web design agency in Singapore, let’s go through the most common strategies used to increase trust and credibility and establish your brand’s online presence.

Client Testimonials

When we do audits of online marketing campaigns, one of the simplest ways we are able to increase ROI is by simply adding testimonials to the landing page.

The top performing landing pages usually have testimonials scattered throughout the landing page, or website, in different forms.

Some sections may use testimonials with images of the happy users.

While further down the page, you might want to include logos of some of your best clients.

clients testimonial

We often place trust signals right at the top of the page, to reduce the bounce rate, and to immediately build credibility with users.

First impressions are lasting ones, right?

Showcase your company size, social media following, or how long you’ve been around. (If applicable)

If you’ve been around for the longest time, you should indicate that on your website or landing page.

It always helps to show your users that you’re an established brand.


If you have a large social media following, this is an extremely strong way to establish your online presence, and to cement trust in your brand.

In one case study, we managed to increase conversions by up to 147% by displaying the client’s Facebook followers.

We love how showcases their strong social media following, it certainly encouraged us to sign up for their list.

By the way, they have awesome recipes!

food matters

Past Performance, Facts or Data Backed Claims

If you have a great track record, interesting facts about your company, get your designers and copywriters to include them in your landing pages.

Buyers remorse is one of the reasons your users don’t buy from you.

If you’re able to demonstrate that you have proven results, and you’re known to deliver on your promises, show it to your users!

In this case, they displayed all their statistics, and backed it up with a video testimonial from a satisfied client.

This is a great combo of trust signals, and as you can see, most of the landing page is centred around trust.

case study

Celebrity Testimonials, Endorsements

This one goes without much explanation.

If you can afford the star power, and have a measured campaign plan, this is a one of the tried and tested ways to increase user trust, and contribute to powerful brand building.

Our local favourite, Marie France, has been doing this really well for a long, long time.

From Christy Chung…

marie-france-christy- bodyline

To Fann Wong..
marie-france-fann wong

Product Demonstration (Video Works Best) 

A simple demonstration or explainer video of your product will almost always increase conversion, if DONE WELL.

Here’s an example of a really product demonstration video of Crazyegg, a heatmap and conversion rate optimization tool.


You can see how the video demonstrates the product and has a really great offer, who can resist a 30 day free trial?

Which brings us to the next trust signal..

Free Trials or Money Back Guarantees

If you have an amazing product or service, it’s ALMOST always a great idea to give away a small part of it for free.

We love including free trials, as they Almost always result in conversion increases.

I say “Almost”, as free trials do not work with all types of businesses.

Digital Marketing Agencies, for example, hardly give free trials or money back guarantees, as a way of qualifying their clients.

Instead, they offer tripwires, a small “hook” designed to start a relationship with the client.

For example, they would offer a $500 SEO Audit of your website, and proceed to sell you SEO consulting services worth much more than that in the end.

SAAS companies, on the other hand, do free trials 90% of the time as it blends well with the business model.

If you’re having second thoughts about using a Money Back Guarantee, or implementing a refund policy, this is a great resource.

Industries That Rely Heavily On Trust Signals

As i’ve mentioned earlier, not all industries are equal when it comes to integrating trust signals in your Website Design.

Any business that involves the user making a life changing decision, has to involve a strong amount of trust signals.

Examples include:

  • Financial Institutions (Credibility, Longevity Signals)
  • Insurance (Especially Car Insurance)
  • Mortgages Brokers (No explanation needed here)
  • Health Related Products (Hair Loss, Weight Loss – Testimonial Heavy Trust Signals)



Although this might seem like it’s difficult to implement, it’s actually not.

Most companies already have ample trust signals, but it’s probably just stored in other places.

Get your in-house design & development team or a top rated Website Design Agency to start building new landing pages, or implementing the changes on your website, most of the time this involves a re-design.

You definitely have testimonials, reviews, product reviews stashed away somewhere.

Don’t leave your colourful company history in the “About Us” page, display it prominently on your landing pages, test everything.

Interview your existing clients, or survey them, and use these as testimonials.

I hope this article has helped expand your thinking, and brought you one step closer to more conversions.

Remember, never stop testing, and always make decisions based on Significant data!

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