The 5 Minute Guide To Choosing The Right Website Design Agency

Mario Didier
Founder, East Side Mafia
Do A Simple Google Search For “Website Design Agency” and you’ll find about 8900 Results.

How does one navigate through this, and find a suitable agency for your new website?

It’s not an easy task getting your Website Design in Singapore done.

We’ve been there, and done that.

The main reason we started this business 3 years ago was because we couldn’t find a decent agency that would genuinely listen to our requirements and our needs as a business.

Most web development agencies lack the personal touch, and fail to motivate their clients to genuinely want to work with them.

The reason for this?

The big ones have grown too big, and unless you’re about to blow $30k and above for your website, you’ll get some junior account manager handling your account.

The smaller ones are just not good enough technically, and lack the design inspiration to execute great websites.

Most of the time, what you’ll get is a personal consultation, they’ll show you some websites that you can draw inspiration from, followed by a quotation for you to sign with them.

“How does viewing other companies websites relate to what you want for your own business?”

Your website is an investment, in time, money, and resources.

With a badly done website, you lose more than the money you invested, you also have the opportunity cost to account for.

Here’s our step by step guide to choosing the right Web Design Agency in Singapore.

1) Be prepared

The first time you meet with a digital agency, its really important to have a strategy in place.

The following key questions will set you on the right track for finding the ideal match:

  • How do they price their services? Do they give a comprehensive breakdown?
  • Do they offer hosting services? Most solid Agencies will host their client’s websites on their own bulletproof servers.
  • Do they offer a comprehensive set of services? Website Design and Digital Marketing often come hand in hand, and industry experts recommend using the same digital marketing agency.
  • What are their credentials and qualifications?
  • What is their track record of achievements, and clients who have benefited from working with them

2) Be sure of your budget

This is one of your biggest obstacles clients face when selecting an agency.

It’s really confusing, when some companies are offering “Complete Website Design Services” at $888, while some are charging $6888.

A simple website like a portfolio website for a freelance plumber may cost a few hundred bucks.

However, if your website is the face of your company, and a place where prospective clients view your business for the first time, then the price will be much higher.

Most experts define the corporate website as the “Digital Storefront” of the company, which is why the top businesses in Singapore spend good money, and are very particular about how their website is done.

When defining the price of a website, consider the cost of success.

If the company has a well oiled digital marketing team, that can generate impressive, measurable results with a well defined online marketing plan, consider increasing your budget accordingly.

Evaluate the price based on what you get out of it.

A $3,000 project that brings you no revenue is far more expensive than a $50,000 project that will bring in 300% ROI and double or triple your revenue.

Look for a company that has experts in all fields, and offers integrated digital services.

A great website is one where design, user experience, functionality, and marketing all come together as one complete unit.

Digital agencies that have experts in all areas have the ability to build you a fully integrated website that will contribute to your company’s overall success.

What’s the use of having a website that no one visits, or many people that visit but no one converts?

The leading companies in Singapore will normally appoint a Top Rated Digital Marketing Agency, who are experts in communication, integration, and implementation.

  • Do they have the ability to deliver comprehensive website design and digital marketing services that are above industry standards?
  • Do they have the copywriting capabilities to create both compelling copy for the website, social media and content marketing campaigns?
  • How do they market their own business?
  • Where did you discover the agency? Did you discover them through some form of online marketing channel? If yes, this would be a strong indicator that they know their stuff.

It all comes down to this…

After assessing an agency’s price points, qualifications, and team of experts, it all comes down to the project.

Your website development should have a clear and decisive outline by your agency, with a project completion timeline.

A very small handful of the Top Rated Website Design & Development Agencies in Singapore will do a custom made, Free Website Design Draft for you, even before you sign up with them, or pay a single cent.

This is a very strong indicator of their confidence, and willingness to please the client.

  • Are they thorough?
  • Do they understand your business?
  • Does the team have the technical knowledge to build your website?
  • Do they have the design talent to make your site stand out among the rest?
  • Are they overloaded with projects, you can ask them.
  • Does the team have a pleasant attitude, and are they ethical?
  • Do they provide you with a Free Website Design Draft, or do they simply give you a quotation and ask for a down payment or deposit?


We hope that this simple and straightforward guide will help you in your quest in selecting the right agency to Design and Develop your new website.

We’re one of the few agencies in Singapore that will do a Free Website Design Draft for our clients before they pay a single dollar.

What is a Free Website Design Draft?

It’s basically a live mockup of your new website in HTML format, which you can view and click on any normal browser.

Our purpose in doing this is to allow the client to see what they’re actually paying for, and also for us to determine if we’re suitable for the particular client.

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